HIgher Education

  • MSSGC Scholarships and Fellowships

  • NASA Center Internships

  • Workforce Development Program
             Student Internship / Community College Faculty Fellowships

  • Gates Millenium Scholarship: Principals, teachers, guidance counselors, tribal higher education representatives and other professional educators are invited to nominate students with outstanding academic records, strong leadership potential, and commitment to community service. Nominations must be made by January 12, 2007.

  • NASA Undergraduate Student Research Project: offers undergraduates across the United States mentored research experiences at ten participating NASA Centers during 2002.

  • The Aerospace Vehicle Systems Technology Office, Langley Research Center, in partnership with Glenn Research Center and the Federal Aviation Administration announce the first NASA student competition for Revolutionary Vehicles (University and High School divisions).

  • The Gerald A. Soffen Memorial Fund is pleased to announce the creation of Travel Grants for undergraduate and graduate students pursuing studies in fields of space science and engineering. The Travel Grants, in the amount of $500, will enable student recipients to attend professional meetings to present their research. Jerry Soffen, a biologist by training, led a distinguished career in NASA, including serving as the Project Scientist for Viking and as an architect for the NASA Astrobiology Program. The Travel Grant will continue Jerry's dedication to educating and involving future generations in space science and engineering pursuits. Application materials and instructions are attached and are also located on the Soffen Fund website. Questions regarding the application or application process may be sent to:

Mini-Grant Programs

  • Mini-Grant Competition Announcement
  • MS Educational Broadcasting : "Celebrate Chemistry IV"
  • Tupelo High School
  • Provine High School - Robotics
  • Rainwater Observatory
    • Teacher Workshop (3)
    • General Public : Backyard Astronomy
  • Lidell Middle School : "The 50-minute Science and Biology Break"


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